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Austerity is a nonsense, and a dangerous one at that

28 May

Mark Blyth, Professor of International Political Economy at Brown University, explains why austerity is not the answer to our economic woes.

The Crises of Capitalism

14 May

Impressive and engrossing RSA Animate clip, where academic David Harvey offers a fresh perspective on the 2008 crash, and looks beyond capitalism towards a new social order. Can we find a more responsible, just, and humane economic system? You can watch the full lecture here.



Committee Inquiry into black female unemployment

18 Jul

by Jyoti Bhojani

I’ve written in the past about the disproportionate effect of the recession on Black and Minority Ethnic communities and how evidence from previous recessions suggests that the BME community as a whole has the most to fear from economic downturns.  Equally, much as been said about rising levels of unemployment and how BME workers are typically the first to lose their jobs should the situation arise.
Now, a committee of MPs and Lords are turning their attention to black female unemployment.  The Right Honourable David Lammy MP, will lead a cross party inquiry to attempt to determine why there are huge inequalities between the BME women compared to their white counterparts.  Current figures show that 20.5% of Pakistani and Bangladeshi women, 17.7% of Black women are unemployed, while only 6.8% of their white counterparts are unemployed.  The Inquiry will attempt to determine why this is and how we can go about attempting to reduce these inequalities.  Addressing these inequalities are all the more important, given that the census figures show that there has been a rise in the BME population.

In order for the Inquiry to fully attempt to address BME female unemployment, their focus will be on Black, Pakistani and Bangladeshi women.  The Inquiry wants to hear from young women from these groups who are currently unemployed and who would be willing to take part in a short video to talk about their experiences of finding a job.  If you think that this might be something you would like to get in touch with Vicki Butler at the Runnymede Trust.  Further details can be found here:  http://www.runnymedetrust.org/projects-and-publications/parliament/appg-2/appg-inquiry.html


Jyoti Bhojani

Jyoti Bhojani is the National Young Labour BAME Officer

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