Prof. Robert Winston: why vote Labour

10 Apr

Labour’s new Party Election Broadcast, due to screen on TV channels tomorrow, features Professor Robert Winston. Despite saying he would ‘never dream, normally, of doing an election broadcast for any political party’, Winston has been so angered by the NHS reforms that he has agreed to be a vocal figure for Labour in the run up to the local election on May 3rd.

Labour’s election theme is clear: Cameron’s betrayal of the NHS.  In a press conference earlier today, Andy Burnham said, ‘The election broadcast… focusses on three of David Cameron’s broken promises on the NHS: on top-down reorganisation, on protecting the frontline and on A&E and maternity services… nothing demonstrates more clearly how out of touch David Cameron is than his record on the NHS.’

The NHS is a winning issue for the Labour Party, who are promising real alternatives to the Coalition. The election broadcast pledges that Labour would stop the Coalition’s reorganisation of the NHS, a reform unwanted by the vast majority of health professionals, and instead spend the money on saving the jobs of 6,000 nurses.

With the NHS being a thorn in the side of the Coalition’s polls, Labour are right to stand up as the only major party on the side of our much-loved health service.


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