George Galloway wins Bradford West in surprise victory

30 Mar

by Amy Jackson

A constituency that was supposed to be Labour Party safe seat, has awoken this morning to find it has a more unexpected new MP – George Galloway, representing the Respect party. With over a 10,000 majority, Galloway did not win by merely a whisker (irresistible), which is a bad blow for Labour in a week where they should by riding high on a multitude of Coalition blunders.

You can watch George Galloway and his infamous modesty speaking before the result was announced here

What does this mean for Bradford West, Westminster and politics in general? Email us your thoughts to or talk to us on Twitter – @leftoutblog

One Response to “George Galloway wins Bradford West in surprise victory”

  1. sunnythesurd March 30, 2012 at 6:36 pm #

    I think its great news for England, Bradford and the Labour Party. This is not as loony as it sounds and here’s why-

    Bradford City is one of the more segregated parts of the UK . My evidence is anecdotal based on conversations with taxi drivers of British Pak/Kashmiri persuasion – they seem to believe that communities must not mix apart from professional or educational reasons. Lab should realise that by playing the “we will let you live as you want to live”. they will not necessarily recieve the BME vote. Once Labour realises that it needs to encourage integration and not multiculturalism esp in places such as these it will also draw back votes from the “White working class” who have got frustrated with Labour. It might also make it more attractive to more of the Middle Class.

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